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Red Line Yarn Crawl

March 25, 2010

The Knitting Club members participated in this past weekend’s Red Line Yarn Crawl. This fabulous event put on by three of the awesome yarn shops in the Boston area took the idea of a pub crawl to another level!

We started off around 10AM at The Stitch House, a hip little place that was packed with people and yarn. Great sales, helpful employees, and free coffee! After spending a bit of money and buying buttons that stated “Friends don’t let friends knit drunk” and “Go Felt Yourself!” we toted our new goodies over to the Windsor Button. Due to it’s size and location, the Windsor Button is often our first stop for supplies.  They had tons of exciting give-a-ways (though we didn’t win any) and plenty of people to talk to and yarn to crave.  We did not leave empty handed. Heading in the direction of home we made our last stop at Mind’s Eye Yarn. We were just as excited entering this store as when we started our crawl four hours earlier. So quaint and cozy, this yarn store was a real treat. The owner hand dyes her own yarn, which was something we needed to see!

All of these places had yarn tastings, so we got to knit with yak yarn, try out various kinds of Rowan yarn, and play around with color and textures. Even though our stashes are now approaching obscenity, the event was a definite success and I believe there is already talk of this becoming an annual crawl!

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