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Skinny Scarf Pattern

April 5, 2010

A while back my mom demanded a skinny scarf for her birthday. She desired a little item she could wear to work that would be stylish while keeping her warm. I wanted to do something with a little design and texture that would also be a quick knit. While I was searching for a skinny scarf pattern, I noticed this small cable design on the sleeves of my roommate’s sweater. It occurred to me this would be the perfect little cable for a skinny scarf! So I knit up the gift and my mom loved it!

This was my first pattern design and I didn’t think it anything special. To my surprise, however, the women at work kept asking my mom for the pattern! Man, does that make you feel good about your knitting projects. So, I wrote it up and here it is. I hope it’s not confusing. šŸ˜›

Janie’s Skinny Scarf Pattern

*Note: The pattern currently ends the scarf after a stretch of mostly stockinette. Another option (which I think looks better – sorry this was my very first pattern design) is to end the scarf pattern after the cables. To do this knit rows 5-18 only and then the four rows of K1, P1 ribbing before binding off.

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