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Melissa’s Birthday Vest

July 29, 2010

Unlike S, I have never really been much for knitting clothing. Baby clothes are one thing, but I am a pretty loose knitter. Even though I always check my gauge before starting a project nothing is ever quite right. It’s probably due to the fact that I never complete a piece without switching to another project or two, sometimes taking months off from the work. Yeah, that might affect things.

But my best friend’s birthday was coming up and she lives in Texas. I can’t exactly knit her a hat and scarf. And I had already made her some lovely socks for Christmas so I decided it was time to branch out. I knew she would be nice to me even if it came out terrible!

I really loved knitting this vest because the pattern was so quick and easy! Besides the intricate lace pattern on the front of the vest, it was knits and purls with a little decreasing here and there. You can find this pattern on, but it does cost a little money. Anyway, I am pretty excited about sending this to Melissa and seeing how well it fits on her. Even though I took a month off from this work, per usual, it turned out okay!

Now I am not so nervous about knitting clothing. It is quite the commitment in terms of time and money compared to a hat or scarf project. But the satisfaction after you have finished is second to none! Maybe it’s because this was my first so I am overly excited? Hopefully that’s not the case and I will continue to have the thrill of completion with each and every piece.

– L

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