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Awesome Birthday

October 16, 2010

This year I had a pretty awesome birthday. My friends and family all wanted to treat me to dinner or take me out for a night on the town so I got a birthday that lasted two weeks! One of the best gifts I received was a new Amazon Kindle.  I had admired my friend’s 1st Generation Kindle but waited for some pdf highlighting and note-taking capabilities before I got my own. Now I can use the device to read books and for school work! I find it a lot lighter than the older version and the contrast feels better on my eyes when reading in the dark.

Anyway, much to my surprise S gave me the awesome little knitted gift I’ve pictured here. She saw my new toy but worried that it could get scratched or cracked since I didn’t purchase a protective case for it. She got to work and overnight created a felted sleeve with some leftover malabrigo wool.

The sleeve is soft and the colors are fabulously bright! I got to pick out  my button and chose a cute white spiral one. This case was perfect for me because I enjoy reading on the Kindle itself and don’t like those cases that make it feel like a book. The sleeve protects it when it’s not in use or when I’m carrying it around in my purse. Because I was so excited about my gift, S has decided to knit a few for our Etsy site. She loves knitting functional things so she mixed a couple colors and made one for the 1st generation Kindle and one for the newest generation. We’ll make them available soon!



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