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New Item- Kindle cozies

October 18, 2010

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the autumn weather as much as I am! Whether it be the seasonal coffees (I adore pumpkin spice), apple picking, hiking to enjoy the foliage of New England, or being able to knit without parking yourself in front of the ac/fan to do so. If you can’t tell, fall is definitely my favorite time of year for the activities and also because I can sit and knit comfortably!

As L mentioned in an earlier post, I have knit and felted some cozies for kindle cases. When L got the kindle for her birthday I was very excited to see all the cool things it did, while admiring the compactness of it compared to the other models. I then watched as it sat on our coffee table for a week. Nervously eye-ing it just sitting there as people were walking by and moving various things around it, all the while being ready to pounce at it and save it if it were to fall. I suggested to L that maybe she should get a case, so she looked but couldn’t really find anything that she liked enough to buy (some were too bulky, too expensive, not the right colors, etc).

Inside L's bag

One night I took some leftover wool and told her I was making a cozy for the kindle because it needed to be protected. I then felted it and added the button she chose and it was complete! Well, she loved it way more than I expected and thought that it might be a good idea to try creating some to sell to others who don’t like the bulky cases that make it harder to bring your kindle if you don’t like to tote around a larger bag. Also, who doesn’t love vintage buttons? Here are some pictures of the cozies that I have made so far!

– S

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