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Holiday Knitting

November 30, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I got home from Thanksgiving travels and it hit me.  I am so behind on my knitted gifts! Every years it happens and every year I tell myself I will start early next time. But it never seems to turn out that way.

On the positive side, there was a Black Friday sale all weekend at one of our favorite LYS: The Stitch House. I went over on Sunday and got 20% off my entire yarn purchase! This was great for me because two of my planned project are vests and I will be needing a lot of yarn. For my sister, I’ll be knitting up the fabulous “Talia” pattern from Sweaterbabe.

talia shaped knit vest pattern

Talia Vest Pattern for my sister

For my mom, I’m making something she picked out herself after we spent a good hour on Ravelry. She found a nice, simple vest called “Tweedy Vest” by Mona Schmidt that she’d love to have in a purple tweed (Not exactly an easy color to find at a store picked over during a weekend sale!) But after much searching I found this lovely color below.

The purple tweed yarn for Mom's vest

Now, the holiday item I am most excited about knitting this year is the amazingly beautiful Noro Silk Striped Scarf pattern adapted by Jared Flood. I started knitting it yesterday and I have to say it is so enjoyable. I like knitting, but I’m sure we’ve all come across a pattern or knit that is just so boring and tedious. It turns into more of a job than a hobby! For me, this scarf is just the opposite. Even though it’s simple 1X1 ribbing, I’m always excited to see the transitions of color as I make my way through the Noro skein. I can see now why knitters have raved about this yarn.

My beautiful Noro Silk yarn

I chose a quite neutral color pallet (as far as Noro goes) for the scarf because the person getting this scarf is not one for eye catching color. In fact, unlike Jared, I’m alternating between a plain navy blue yarn and the Noro yarn to tone down the colors even more. Still, even with these modifications it is coming out beautifully. I will update with pictures soon so you can see for yourselves!

Hmm, I do have a lot to do! Better get to my knitting.


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