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Frantic Christmas knitting!

December 20, 2010

I love Christmas! I especially love knitting things for people for Christmas. But it should be known to you now that I am a HUGE procrastinator. Every year I say, I’m going to start early. A yarn store nearby had a sale during Columbus Day weekend (In October for those of you not from the New England area) so I went with my friend to pick out yarn for my projects for this Christmas. Happily I made my way home where I promptly put my bag of yarn in my yarn corner and left it for about a month. So much for starting early! There have been some hold-ups, however, I have made progress and am confident that I will finish my Christmas knitting on time. For my mom I made the Jewels cardigan which I absolutely loved knitting. I had some yarn in my stash that was perfect for it, I can’t wait to give it to her. For my Aunt I made her the Envy cowl and I added some great buttons. These both are projects that went really quickly and the cables add a nice touch to each project. For my uncle I have made a hat, just a basic ribbed hat. Here are the pics! Hope you enjoy and good luck with the upcoming season!


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