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Reclaiming- Attempt 1.0

January 18, 2011
Comfy reclaimed sweater


The picture you see here is the finished product of my first reclaiming project! Here is the story of my journey to get the end result…

I had this sweater that I got a long time ago at TJMaxx. I loved it to bits, it was a creme color, super soft, very warm and comfy. I decided I was going to try and take it apart so I could turn it into something that I would wear (I’ve lost some weight…yay New Years Resolutions)! The yarn was in good shape so I thought, why not have a go at this reclaiming business?

What was my main inspiration? I have been working on organizing a small ‘History of Fiber’ exhibit for the museum I work at. During the depression and World Wars clothing your soldiers and providing assistance toward the war effort was paramount in showing your support and hopefully inspiring the men. I am a thrifty person and saving money and materials was generally the main goal of reclaiming yarn.

Perhaps when you see somebody with a knitted item on you think, like I do, that you like their piece but maybe would do something differently. Modifying patterns is a way you make it your own and was the main appeal for me in this project. I got to take something that I loved, but no longer looked flattering on me, and turn it into something that I’d wear again.

I decided to use this pattern. It was simple and easy to adapt (the yarn I was using was a bit thicker than the yarn for the pattern). Since it was knit from the top- down, it was easy to make it fit me like a glove. Since I am one of those women some might say has “huge tracts of land” I had to knit a bit more to accommodate my shape. A little decreased for my waist, a little increased for my hips, and a bottom primarily in ribbing got this sweater dress looking just how I’d hoped.

The experience was tons of fun but a bit infuriating at the beginning since this was a cheap sweater and seamed by a machine. I think this aggravation, however, was due more to my inexperience with taking apart a store bought item than the job done by the machine. Though some challenges did arise, the project was an overall success. It has inspired me to try reclaiming more often so I can continue to enjoy the sweaters I own but update their style a bit!

– S


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