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Never Fail Quail Pattern

February 7, 2011

S came back from Vogue Knitting Live with a lot of yarn, new experiences, and an awesome pattern book. We’re enjoying looking through its contents and pointing out interesting cables or twists. We talk about what piece they’d look good on and what would go where if we started designing a pattern.

While we had grandiose visions of sweater dresses covered in cables, in the end we took on some smaller projects. Here is my finalized version of the cap I created after falling in love with the simple but cute Quail Pattern. (Meanwhile, S is working on some impressive socks whose pattern should be up soon)!

To a degree, I struggled with creating this pattern because S kept commenting on my decreasing method. “You should be decreasing evenly around the hat!” she harped at me. My main goal was to keep the Quail pattern going as long as possible and I think the end result came out okay. My decreasing worked out, but if anyone has any thoughts on a better way to decrease I would love to learn. Hope you enjoy the pattern!

Happy Knitting, L

Never Fail Quail Cap Pattern

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