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A sweater for the Daddy… again!

March 5, 2011

At Christmas I decided I was going to ask people what they wanted me to make them that way I knew they’d receive a present they wanted. Everybody had their own little things, all projects that I could get done in time for Christmas. I was very excited. Then I came to Dad and he told me he wears everything that I’ve knit him and he didn’t really need anything…except for a new sweater.

It was then that I realized that I could not finish all of my projects because of this little hiccup. Well, big hiccup. I come from a family of very tall, burly men and my Dad is no exception. So, I made a deal with him saying he’d get his sweater but it would be a combo present for Christmas and his February birthday. AND t sweeten the deal, we’d go yarn shopping together and he can have a say in the pattern.

Now, I wanted to make him a pullover sweater with some cables, something easy, top-down, knit-in-the-round but no! He said he doesn’t wear pullovers and a cardigan would work much better. *sigh* Since I want him to actually wear this sweater we came to a compromise. The compromise was Josh Bennett’s Men’s One Cable Cardigan found here on his blog (or on ravelry where you can purchase it)! I’ve taken a quick picture to show you all (and my Daddy) the progress I’ve made so far.

As you can see, I still have a ways to go but I love the way it is coming out so far! I haven’t really made any sweaters where I had to sew the sleeves on, so this will be new and exciting for me. Hopefully it will come out okay since I’m not a super confident seamer!

I guess this sort of links with L’s post about the Boyfriend sweater curse. Maybe this is partly because I don’t have a boyfriend, but Dad is the only person who’s worthy of all this work. Meme was an avid knitter and he still has an old cardigan she made him over 40 years ago! I know he’ll appreciate all the work and love that’s going into the cardigan I’m making for him. Even if the sweater curse is true, making something for someone is a sure-fire way of showing them you care (but it doesn’t hurt to remind them of your hard work when they’re asking you knit a pattern way more time consuming than you would’ve chosen to knit).

As some of you might know, knitting an XL man’s sweater is no small feat (nor is it cheap). But I love my Dad and I really love knitting this sweater, and let’s face it, I can’t say no to somebody asking me to knit them something. Especially when I know they will cherish it and wear it with pride!


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