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Knitting for My Work and Our Charity Events!

April 4, 2011

A few months ago a coworker told me about a new exhibit at work which would unveil in April called “Finding Peace.” Then excitedly she said, “I was just looking for you. Part of the exhibit will be about fiber and knitting!” She told me they had patterns and knitted items in our library archives and wondered if I would be willing to knit one of the vintage patterns for the exhibit! Being an avid knitter and history major I immediately accepted.

A bit of research suddenly inspired me to reclaim one of my old sweaters (as discussed in a previous post). This was a test for me. If my personal project went well, I would do the same thing for the exhibit’s vest. My project went smoothly, however, I had some real trouble finding old wool sweaters that were worsted weight and the right olive green color. So instead of reclaiming, I came across an olive wool at a LYS and purchased it. The color was just perfect!

I’ve always wanted to incorporate knitting into my job or career, so I was happy to have this opportunity. I began talking to coworkers so much about how awesome knitting is, a few of them decided to pick up needles and try it out! I also suggested we start a knitting group and knit for charity to go along with the new exhibit. My boss loved the idea (brownie points!) and started planning. Now we are having the fabulous event “Finding Peace Through Fiber Arts“!

Knitters/crocheters will get together once a month on a Sunday afternoon at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, MA. We will be focusing on three different charity projects:

  • April–June: Blankets for children in need
  • July–September: Hats and slippers for American troops
  • October–December: Hats, scarves, and mittens for Boston’s homeless

For those of you not in the Boston area who would like to contribute you can mail in your knitted items and we will put them with the other items to be donated.  The first session will be this Sunday (April 10)! I will be attending and would love to see you there.

– S

If you’d like to read about the exhibit and my experience with knitting the vintage vest check out the post on the Library’s blog.

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