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About The Knitting Club

Welcome to The Knitting Club. We are so happy you also knit, are learning to knit, or are just curious about knitters. We are three young women living in Boston who share a passion for knitting. With a love for hand-knitted items and our much needed time together, we can always find some excuse for a  knitting night! A little bit about each of us and our knitting preferences are below:

Sharon – Always wished to learn the art but never found a family member with enough time, so she decided to teach herself. About 5 years ago she picked up some needles and never looked back! Definitely the most avid knitter in our group, Sharon has needles in her hands almost every day. She loves knitting with most types of yarn but hand dyed yarn has a particular place in her heart.

Lauren – Since her Meme taught her at a young age, knitting has been a small but constant part of her life. Not only does it bring back happy childhood memories of her grandmother, Lauren feels it’s an enjoyable, social, and productive way to spend her time. And after teaming up with others who love knitting, she has become a more adventurous knitter and really honed her skills. She loves working with multiple colors and creating texture with cables.

Nora – An old lady at heart, Nora has been knitting for about 6 years now. While she taught herself to knit with a little help from Lauren, her boss (who started an after work knitting group after realizing Nora’s hobby) really helped her improve. She loves knitting with all types of yarn and enjoys working with earthy colors and tones. Creating items that are comfy and warm are Nora’s favorites.

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